Saturday, May 12, 2012


happy belated birthday to the hubs! his 30th birthday was may 3. what did we get him, you ask? well, my parents graciously helped me clean out our garage and scrub the floor with degreaser and we epoxy-ed our garage floor. he's always wanted it and now he's got it! he loves it! :) and campbell gave him a thunder shirt. i think overall he had a great birthday that was made even better last night, as we went bowling with some of our favorite friends! i bought a bowling groupon, so 8 of us got 2.5 hours of bowling and shoes for $50! we had a great time! hopefully, aaron knows how much cam and i love him and are thankful he's our man!
i wish i could tell you this last picture's high scorer was aaron or i, but it was our friend, bret who used to be in a league so he has his own ball and shoes! he killed it...

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