Thursday, May 31, 2012

my baby girl turned 2

honestly, where does the time go?!? it really just seems like yesterday i was uncomfortably pregnant, and here we are and campbell is 2! fortunately, i think this party was better than last year, in that she wasn't sick this year! last year she had a fever and was cutting her first tooth. this year, baby girl had a ball! she was running around and laughing and playing! music to our eyes and hears! last year we did a lolly pop theme and this year we just did a pink & white theme. we got our invites from sarah and abraham and i really loved them! here is a sample
you can choose the colors, the wording, the silhouette, etc. i was very happy with them. they also made matching stickers for our favors, which were a hit!
now are those cute or what?!?! this was my second time making cupcake in a jar and i have to say, these are cuter. love love love anyway, aaron and i are so thankful that we have such loving family and friends who came together to celebrate and love on our sweet campbell. i hope she always knows and feels how loved she is! we missed all of our michigan and indiana family, but we'll be seeing them soon. as for her actual birthday, memorial day, we did what we did last year - we went to the zoo as a family. this year our friends, courtney and charli came with us! it was so fun, but super hot (at 10 am!) and since it was so hot, we came home and played in the pool and had lunch outside! overall, both days were celebratory and fun! we love our girl so much and she is such a wonderful addition and blessing to our family!
sorry for the picture overload :)


Deanne Perry said...

What fun! Campbell's cake was so cute and the cupcake jar favors, too! She's so lucky to have you as her mommy. Btw, a {late} card is on it's way as we speak. Love you, Ame!

Sarah Noel said...

Gosh golley you are a party planner extraordinaire! It all looks so perfect, Ame! Happy birthday Campbell!