Friday, August 24, 2012

ta da

campbell had her first gymnastics class for the year today and she nailed it :) she loves wearing her 'tard' as she calls it and doing her TA-DA!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


when campbell turned 2 back in may, my brother said that he wanted to take her to the omniplex every year for her birthday - just he and cam. sweet,right? they have a toddler area for the kids to run around, so i suggested that they get this tradition started and go this year. i was telling him that mornings are better because she'll have a nap in the afternoon and that i'd leave him with diapers and wipes and he sort of froze. i reminded him that she's only 2 and still in diapers and he nervously said that maybe he would wait to start taking her until she's potty trained. then i reminded him that even when she's potty trained, she'll still need help going to the bathroom. so he nervously said that he thought maybe he'd wait until she was to an age where she wouldn't need help going to the bathroom. i laughed and told kyle that if he was to wait that long, that he would be waiting 7ish years! HA! so we settled on me coming along until she's an able bodied person who can take herself to the restroom. :) so here is our first adventure to the oklahoma science museum!