Thursday, October 11, 2012

just for memory's sake

i threw up today. for those of you who really know me well, you know that i have a genuine phobia of throw up. eww... i managed to go 25 years without throwing up; the last time was when i was 5 and i got stung in the armpit by a bumble bee. i'll be 13 weeks tomorrow and i thought i'd started to turn the corner in terms of feeling sick. please continue to pray for no more nausea and lots of energy! on a more positive note, i went to the doctor on wednesday and got to hear a strong heartbeat which was comforting. we'll be finding out in a short 5 weeks if this baby is a boy or girl!!

Friday, October 5, 2012


we are pregnant! i'm 12 weeks today, which puts me due april 19. i have felt a lot sicker this go around and i started feeling sicker sooner which really stinks, but hopefully i'll be turning a corner soon! we'll keep you updated as we are updated, but in the mean time, we'd love your prayers for a full term, healthy baby! :)