Tuesday, November 20, 2012

i feel huge

so, i'm just now getting around to taking my first belly picture for this pregnancy. i'm sure i was avoiding it like the plague because a) i have felt so sick b) i started showing way earlier this time around, so i didn't want to look 20 weeks when i was really only 12 c) life is busy busy this time of year. so i finally got around to asking aaron to take my picture this last sunday. i'll be 19 weeks this week, so this picture was just over 18 weeks. as far as baby woolsey goes, he/she is growing marvelously! i've had a lot more anxiety with this pregnancy, so it was a great confirmation last week when we got to see the baby at the ultrasound! he/she was moving around a lot and everything measured as it should! thank you, Jesus! and its looking like i may be birthing another whopper of a baby, he/she is already measuring a week ahead. we will also be finding out the gender of our baby on thanksgiving! we can't wait! campbell walks into what will be the new nursery and says 'sister room' :) so stay tuned!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

halloween and baby #2 update

happy halloween from the island of sodor! :) campbell is obsessed with all things mechanical i think: thomas the train, real trains, cranes, tractors, etc. but she sure looks cute while liking all these boyish things! i only got 1 picture of her from halloween and its a little blurry, but here she is!
update on baby #2: i'm sad to say that i'm still nauseous! SO ready for this part to come to an end, as i'll be 16 weeks tomorrow. i'll post a belly picture soon because i definitely have one. dr hager says i can thank campbell for stretching out all my stomach muscles. :) as of today, baby is the size of an avocado, about 4.5-5 inches long. this pregnancy seems to be going by a bit quicker now that i'm not feeling as sick as i did in the beginning. our appointment where we'll find out boy or girl is in less than 2 weeks! i can't believe that we're already almost half way there.