Monday, January 7, 2013

25.5 weeks

here is another belly picture, as promised taken at almost 26 weeks. looking at this picture, i feel like i'm carrying higher this time than with campbell. i'm definitely also bigger this time around, but haven't gained near the weight gained with campbell. all weird things. here i am this time
and here i am pregnant with campbell at 26.5 weeks

Thursday, January 3, 2013

we're having a...

in case you didn't get our christmas card, we revealed the gender of our baby! this felt fun and new for us to be finding out this time, as we didn't find out with campbell. i sort of felt like i was cheating on the baby...weird, i know i knew i wanted to share the news in a fun, creative way and here is what i came up with
then i attached a penny
then i turned them over, stuck on some contact paper and did a little painting
hopefully, most people got the gist of what i was trying to do here: a homemade scratch off
TA DA! :) it's a BOY! i'm still a little shocked... i googled 'homemade scratch off' and this website was exactly what i followed if you're ever interested in doing this. it was so much fun to make and i got a lot of positive responses to our cards, so i highly encourage trying this. and it was a lot less work than i originally thought it would be. so i think i mentioned in a previous post when we were having our big ultrasound, it was almost 2 weeks before thanksgiving and we waited to find out until we were with family on thanksgiving. we brought a 'gender cake' to thanksgiving and everyone was rushing through dinner so we could cut the cake! here is when and how we found out
just a quick update on brother: everything is going great! i'm feeling better and brother is measuring perfect. at my next appt which is at the end of the month, i'll do my glucose test and i'll schedule the birth for this baby! CRAZY! and then i'll start going in every 2 weeks. time is really flying by this time and i can't believe that i really only have just over 3 months left...i'll post another belly picture soon