Tuesday, February 26, 2013

2 for 1

i have a couple of big/fun things to share today! :) for those of you who know me, know that i have a brother who is 2 years younger than me. as of yesterday around 11:00 am, he is an active duty naval man! he's enlisted in the navy and yesterday was when he was sworn in and he left for an 8 week bootcamp in illinois! we're all so excited for him, as he really feels like this is where the Lord has been leading him and he's excited about making his life a little more structured and disciplined. so we thew him a cousin's night/going away party. for several years our family has these days that we like to call 'cousin's night' where a handful of us play risk the board game and the rest would play spoons. unfortunately, we've done away with spoons and now we just sit around and chit chat and then all have supper. so we knew kyle would love a cousin's night before he left, so that's what we did. we all surprised him by wearing some navy shirts :) and in case you're wondering who the person is that you may or may not recognize, its his girlfriend, brittany. next was my first baby shower! i have the best small group in the world! i've had most of them since they were in 4th grade and now they're freshmen! i can't believe it! so they told me they wanted to throw me a shower ever since i told them i was pregnant. they worked so hard on making it perfect for aaron and i and they totally succeeded! they made it a baseball theme and they had baby corn dogs, baseball cookies, bottled pop, and popcorn! :) we got lots of baseball garb, cute clothes and lots of gift cards for all the essentials that i'll still be needing to buy just ignore the weird looking belly...i didn't realize how funny it looks for someone who is 8 months pregnant to be squatting for a picture! my it looks like i have a watermelon falling out the bottom of my shirt! ha!


Jackie said...

What fun!

Good to see all the Webb clan.

Best of luck to Kyle as he starts on this adventure!!!

Enjoyed all the pictures.


Deanne Perry said...

Ame you are just too cute. And good luck to Kyle!

Meghan said...

You all have such a loving family :) Good luck Kyle!!!

And how sweet of those girls to throw such a great shower!!!