Sunday, March 17, 2013

baby shower

last weekend a few of my best friends threw me another sweet baby shower! this baby is already loved so much by so many and for that, aaron and i are so thankful! kate, courtney, and carmen threw me the most perfect, personal baby shower. it included any and all things 'amy' :) they served sliders, cupcakes, chips, dr. pepper, queso, and gummy candy! ahh, i was in heaven! and once again, brother was given so many adorable outfits and such. and for an update on brother, the countdown is on! i go back on tuesday to get checked before my doc goes on a long vacation (yikes!) but as of now, i'm still not dilated at all. tuesday is also going to be my last progesterone shot, so who knows if my body will progress while she's gone because i won't be having this medicine in me to keep brother cooking a little longer. if all goes according to plan, we've got 3.5 weeks until d-day. and an update on sweet campbell, still working on potty training and still progressing for the most wasn't such a hot day, but overall i'm still pleased with how she's doing. she wakes up dry most mornings and she pees in the potty wonderfully (9 times out of 10) and we're still trying to tackle pooing in the potty. keep praying for patience for aaron and i :) we need it! otherwise, all is well with the woolseys!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

potty training

this is easily the most frustrating phase of parenting i've experience in campbell's almost 3 years of life. we started a week ago yesterday and she has made much progress, but those first few days were a real struggle. we're (she's) spending a lot of naked time laying around and now she's finally starting to let me know when she needs to go instead of me making her go try. still wetting the bed almost most nights, not every night, but most. i fear i've waited too long to train her and i fear i'm cutting it too close to brother's birth, but i wanted her to at least know the basics of it otherwise i knew i wouldn't have the emotional or mental stamina to tackle it for probably 6 months at least. we're taking baby steps and today at least, i'm happy with the progress we've made. i went to the doctor last week and she decided to start checking me to see if i'm dilating since campbell came 6 weeks early. i've been getting a progesterone shot in the rear since 20 weeks to help act as a preventative of early labor and apparently they're working because i'm not dilated at all. i go back next week and then i think i start going in on a weekly basis. yikes. still trying to finish things up in the nursery and getting our bags packed for the hospital and putting the carseat in the car. if he decides to come early, i'd prefer it if we were ready this time :)