Tuesday, April 2, 2013

easter and baby update

we started our easter holiday off by dying easter eggs and i remembered and found this post from last year - oh to see the changes in campbell in just one short year! on one hand, i wish time would slow down but on the other hand, i'm really enjoying seeing her grow up and learn something new everyday. what a joy and blessing she is to me :) anyway, we had our 2nd annual egg dying with amy and elly and enjoyed our time together. and unfortunately i only got 1 picture of her in her cute easter dress and you can't even see her whole outfit...boo then after church, we came home and had my parents over so cam could hunt eggs at our house and our final easter festivity was to go to my aunt and uncle's house for easter dinner and a big egg hunt for all of the little cousins. campbell had a great time and we read a lot of great scriptures as a family recognizing and being thankful for the new life that we have in Christ and about His sacrifice. i'm so grateful that campbell and this new baby have such solid examples of how to live a life set apart from this world. i don't know why the pictures and the words aren't lining up right...i'm kind of computer illiterate; i'm sure there is a way to fix it, but i don't know how. update on brother: as of last wednesday (36.5 weeks) i was 2 cm dilated and i go back to the dr tomorrow to see if i've progressed anymore. i'll be 38 weeks on wednesday and its hard for me to believe that i'm almost 4 weeks more pregnant than i ever was with campbell! i'm also way more uncomfortable physically than i ever was with campbell! :) i guess if i have or haven't progressed, the c-section is still scheduled for a week from friday. wish us luck! here is my (hopefully) belly picture at 37.5 weeks and ps, aren't you loving cam's fake smile?! :) it kills me. i say smile and that's what i get...

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