Monday, June 3, 2013


so to try to find time to update this is few and far between, but as i sit here pumping, i'm making the time :) about a month ago, campbell finished her gymnastics for the year. and mid-year, so moved up to preschool gymnastics instead of the mommy-n-me gymnastics which was wonderful news given that i was as big as a whale! i got to just sit and watch instead of help her with things. she loves gymnastics and i love that she's learning coordination at such a young age. then, our sweet campbell turned 3! we can not believe that she's already 3! everyone says it goes fast, and they're so right! we loved that uncle tyro and lindsay and aves could be here for her party this year! the weather was perfect for her party, which i was a little nervous about given all the bad weather we've been having lately. everyone came out to love on and celebrate our girl and she had a great time! lastly, little man is almost 2 months old! he's doing great! he eats like a horse and weighs probably around 12 or 13 lbs! he's eating 5.5 oz every 4 hrs like clock work! he likes to be held more than campbell did, which is nice, but not so nice when you have to pump or have a 3 yr old yelling 'mom, i pooped'... aaron and i and baby d are all going to santa fe in a week and a half for our anniversary trip #7! scratching another state off the list and adding to the scrapbook! we're really looking forward to relaxing and doing a little shopping. and aaron has agreed to get his first pedicure! ha! campbell will stay with my parents and i'm sure she'll have a ball riding her new tricycle they gave her and feeding the geese and swinging...some of their usual activities. when the last round of tornados came through this last friday we were about to have to go down into our shelter and aaron said grab what you want to keep and i grabbed my glorious anniversary scrapbook. i could look at it everyday. things here are going well! :) i'm so thankful for the life that i have and my little family that God has given me