Saturday, July 6, 2013

our life lately

gosh, posting on here is few and far between these days. don't really have much free time... but things are well! i can't believe that davis will be 3 months old just next week! we had his 2 month/baby pictures taken a few weeks ago and we were really pleased with them. we wish we had more, but both kids weren't being very cooperative. here are a few of my faves
a lot more people are starting to say that they think davis looks like campbell. also, a lot more people are starting to say they think he looks like aaron. what do you think? here is campbell was 3ish months old...
we kept it low key for july 4 - we went to my parent's house for dinner with my brother's fiancé, brittany. i had a feeling that campbell would be scared of really loud fireworks, so we went for lots of smoke bombs and roman candles. well i explained all this to the guy selling me the fireworks and he suggested that we get a fountain. 'it just sprays lots of colors' he said... so i said sure. i wish i could show you the entire video that we took for kyle, but i don't have the right cord to hook my phone up to my computer, so this is all i could e-mail myself.
needless to say, it freaked campbell out just like we thought it would. ha! we also celebrated our friend charli today; she turned 2 yesterday. we had a lovely time at cici and paw's house loving her and having wonderful fellowship. cam absolutely loved playing outside with charli, landree and paxton!
this is our life lately, thanks for checking on us! hopefully it won't take me so long to update again!