About us

i'm amy and my husband is aaron, and together we are the woolzinators! we met in college and were meant to be set up, but our friend, emily (the match-maker) didn't know that aaron had a serious girlfriend. so, we met anyway and became fast friends. we started dating the following year, broke up for a year a bit and got back together the year after that (our junior year) and we've been together ever since! he's so wonderful...perfect for me in so many ways. we became engaged the year after i graduated (2005) and were married the fall after he graduated (2006).

we lived in arkansas for just over a year after we were married and then moved back to oklahoma city, where we currently live. after celebrating our third anniversary, we promptly found out the week after that we were pregnant. fast forward 9 months and campbell elizabeth was born. unfortunately, she spent her first 8 days of life in the NICU due to being 6 weeks premature. thankfully, she's now a happy and healthy 1 year old! she is such a joy and we are so thankful that God chose us to be her parents. God willing, there will be more. :)

we hope that you find a good laugh or a relatable moment here, but know that we are far from perfect. first and foremost we love Jesus and strive to please him in all we do and say - and that includes on here.